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About us


Business enterprises have to preserve their presence and in the globalised world , they have to increase their profit and competence with other companies in the international market.

Our company , established in 1992 , has been continuously going along with the technological changes and modern technology ; on top of that it has been giving great importance to the Research Development ( R – D ) . We are undertaking our heavy technological production by the help of our engineers , technicians and specialised personnel in production .
In this case , as REKTAŞ Engine Reconditioning Machines Manufacturing And Trading Company Ltd. , we present to you as our customer our everlasting and maximum quality sympathy and recommend you to cope with the technology. 
Our company , occupying the area of 1000 m2  with  skilled workers produces the following machines ;

Cylinder Boring And Surface Milling Machine ,
Hydraulic Honing Machine ,
Con-Rod Boring Machine ,
Line Boring Machine ,
Crankshaft Grinding Machine ,
Surface Grinding Machine ,
Hydraulic Press Machines ,
Drilling Machine

REKTAŞ Engine Reconditioning Machines Manufacturing And Trading Company Ltd.  , apart from local customers , It has been exporting machines to various countries . Our products together with all their components are at high international standards , made from high quality materials and comply with the current technology.
Our quality and service sympathy follows the trend from design process to manufacturing process ; and from manufactured products to our customers.

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